Đồ bảo hộ

“What are you wearing underneath that jersey?”

We choose the best value protection gear that we have found ourselves as riders.
Also stocking imported high end gear imported from the UK. The best gear available on the modern circuit, specifically targeting safety gear that is designed for Vietnam's' hot weather.

Forcefield Pro Tube X-V 2
Bảo Hộ Đầu Gối/Khuỷu Tay Forcefield Pro Tube X-V 2
Giá $99
Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V 2
Áo Bảo Hộ Forcefield Pro X-V 2
Giá $279
Scoyco Protective Riding Jeans
Quần Jean Bảo Hộ Scoyco Protective Riding Jeans
Giá $85
Forcefield Body Armour EX-K Harness Adventure L2
Giáp bảo hộ Forcefield EX-K Harness Adventure L2
Giá $420
Forcefield Pro Shorts X-V 2
Quần ngắn bảo hộ Forcefield Pro Shorts X-V 2
Giá $189