Mũ bảo hiểm Yohe

Seriously cheap helmets that feel like they are worth far more money than you are paying.
Yohe is an up and coming brand in Vietnam, commonly seen on the streets of Vietnam. They look the part, feel the part and come at a seemingly unbeatable price point.
Looking at more expensive brands almost seems pointless when holding a $60 Yohe in your hands. It seems like the perfect helmet for such little money.

They are great helmets for the money, there is no denying this.  But it is important not to lose site that upon deeper inspection these helmets are not matching the quality of the more expensive brands. Pickup a Yohe if you want a city commuter helmet that is better than the average rubbish on the streets, but cheaper than the proper brands.

However for serious driving, a shopper should be looking to go upmarket of Yohe.